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Weightlifter Bodies Limited

Weightlifter Bodies Limited

We cannot recall a single concern.

About Weightlifter Bodies Ltd

Weightlifter Bodies Ltd has been in operation for over nine decades and are acknowledged to be one of the most established truck body builders across the UK. Working within the manufacturing industry, they specifically supply trailer and body requirements to a wide range of clients. Weightlifter supply genuine parts for sheeter systems, braking, on-board weighing, suspension, electrical, hydraulic and pneumatic.

What we did for them

Weightlifters had a requirement for a clean and prompt payroll process that was legally compliant, easy-to-use and easy to understand. Without an in-house expert with the expertise to understand and apply the latest legislation, compliance was sometimes a guessing game, which left the business open to risk.

As part of our managed payroll solution we provided Weightlifters with peace of mind that their payroll was legislatively complaint and employees were paid on time, every time. With a seamless setup and integration and a dedicated UK-based payroll manger, we supply Weightlifters with a service that delivers payroll run after payroll run.

Throughout many years of dealing with Moorepay we cannot recall a single concern about their advice/service and overall professional services.

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