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Online HR Software that’s easy to use

  • Winner of The Rewards Payroll and HR Software Product of the Year Award in 2022.
  • Easily manage the employee life cycle with our secure, cloud-based HR software that integrates with payroll.
  • Compliance with the latest HR legislation is guaranteed.


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Key features of our easy HR Software

Packed with features that add tangible value to your business, here’s what our cost-effective software offers you and your employees.

  • Recruitment & Selection

    List vacancies on job boards that pull into your website using iframe to keep your ads up-to-date across all channels.

    Build a comprehensive database of candidates, and store and analyse your advertising costs to run and review successful recruitment campaigns.

    Quickly convert candidates to employees, and trigger onboarding workflows for a welcoming introduction into your business.

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    Performance Management

    Develop your people using proven methodologies, SMART objectives and weightings, and configure it all to suit your business’ performance process.

    Use goal setting and peer reviews to see how your employees are performing, making high and low performers easy to identify. Plus automatic reminders keep this whole process consistent for all employees, no matter how many managers you have.

  • Workflows

    Make the most complex HR tasks a breeze with workflows.

    Automate regular HR tasks such as performance reviews, leave management, on and off-boarding, and candidate management. You can use pre-defined workflows or create your own for full control over your employee experience.

    Trace your changes and set reminders so your managers never miss a trick, and your employees enjoy a seamless experience.

  • Employee Benefits

    Integrate our HR Software with our Employee Benefits and Discounts platform. Employees will enjoy Single Sign-On into an online portal to access leading benefits across healthcare, fitness, technology and much more. Employees will also enjoy discounts at over 16,000 well-known brands. Plus, opt for our EAP Service to further support your employees.

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    People Analytics & Reports

    Gain valuable business insights from your people data – fast!

    Use configurable dashboards to dig into the detail behind your absence rates, attendance, performance, churn, and people costs. Plus use predictive analytics to make informed business decisions – such as when to grow your team.

    Export board-ready reports at the push off a button and say farewell to fiddling with data in excel.

  • Employee Self-Service

    Your employees quickly access payslips, book leave, complete performance reviews, and keep their records current in one place, online, any time they want. Also available in our Mobile App.

  • Employee engagement

    Our employee engagement feature captures powerful insights into your team.

    Build and schedule employee engagement surveys to gain regular feedback all year round. Check team sentiment using the employee pulse that monitors employee satisfaction, and  effortlessly collect feedback on important events.

    All can be made anonymous and reported on in real time. Giving your HR department actionable, data-backed insights to strengthen your employee culture, improve engagement, and manage individual and team performance.

  • Expenses & Timesheets

    It’s easy for employees to log expense claims and related receipts, and submit timesheets. Set up hierarchy workflows to ensure these requests go to the right place for approval.

  • Safety Management

    Record and track workplace incidents, injuries, and medical centre activity, and enjoy peace of mind that you’re complying with HSE regulations. You can even record this against external personnel directly from the software.

  • External Personnel

    No need to navigate away from our HR Software when tracking people who fall outside of your business. Record and manage all external personnel records from a single database, regardless of whether they are freelancers, contractor or volunteers.

  • Document Centre

    Gain full visibility of your documents in the Document centre. Store your files securely, with super simple version control.

    Keep track of which employees have and haven’t seen your documents so you can prove full compliance when audited.

    Resend documents that haven’t been signed or read to assigned groups or individuals, and they’ll get a notification when an action is required. Easy!

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    Perfect with payroll

    Our payroll & HR software are one and the same – that means one source of truth for your precious data, one lot of data entry for your team, and one less thing to worry about.


Better features, bigger benefits

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    Our HR Software is becoming even more exceptional thanks to oodles of new features.
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    Gain even more power to streamline your HR processes, creating a seamless experience for employees and administrators.
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    Enjoy running every aspect of HR from one system: no data duplication, no extra admin, no mess. Just bliss.
HR Software

Intelligent software for data-backed decision-making

  • Manage

    From hire to retire, manage every stage of the employee lifecycle with ease.

    Reap the benefits of everything from onboarding workflows to goal setting.

    Make sure your employees feel valued and fully informed every step of their career.

  • Monitor

    Gain actionable insights from your people data to make better business decisions.

    With Employee Engagement software and People Analytics, you have even more data at your disposal.

    From company-wide trends to individual performance, create reports at the touch of a button.

  • Automate

    Cut time wasted on repetitive admin with pre-built or custom workflows.

    Automate approving leave, checking timesheets, conducting interviews and getting feedback.

    Set reminders and schedule tasks so your people never miss a trick.

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Employee engagement

  • Software that gives your employees a voice, and offers your business powerful insights to advance your company culture.
  • From specifics to sentiments: gather feedback intuitively with surveys, pulse monitoring and social interaction monitoring.
  • Spot company-wide trends and identify individual excellence that you can take action on.

Get valuable reports and analytics – fast!

  • Want to quickly see your absence trends and costs, broken down by geography or department? Real-time dashboards are configured for exactly this.
  • Spot real-time trends and forecast for the future with fully configurable dashboards.
  • Recruitment costs are also simple to pull and analyse, no more fiddling with excel spreadsheets! Get board-ready reports at the click of a button.


Enhance employee experience with the Mobile App

Made to make working life easier for your employees on the go, whilst reducing admin for your people managers. Our secure Mobile App makes checking payslips, requesting leave, submitting timesheets, and managing expenses a doddle.

And how does it work, you ask? Explore at your leisure on our new interactive demo.

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Easy to use

Easy to use, from anywhere

  • Natural navigation
    Our easy-to-use HR software makes it quick to navigate to the screens you need, thanks to a logical menu structure and simple interface.
  • Anywhere, anytime access
    Your data is stored securely on the latest cloud-based Microsoft Azure technology, accessible anywhere at any time. Whether it’s an admin, a manager or an employee logging in, it’s super convenient and totally faff-free.
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Easy to access

Save time with integration

With integration as standard, say goodbye to duplicate data entry!

When we say you can work out of one system, we really mean it. Our HR Software integrates with all the programmes you know and love, including Google Suite, Microsoft Office, Slack, One Login and Workeable – meaning your workload just got lighter.

Easy to trust

Less worrying, more just doing the work you love

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    Enjoy worry-free compliance
    You can rest assured you’re fully compliant with the latest legislation because our HR Software is continuously updated by our experienced product team and industry-qualified experts.
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    Reduce your data security risks
    Minimise the risk of a costly data breach with our cloud-based HR software. As well as vulnerability and pen testing, we use the latest technology to continually monitor and test, ensuring the security of your most sensitive data.
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See it in action

Like what you’re seeing? Join one of our experts on a live demo to see how our HR Software can help your business.

What do our customers think?

Don’t just take our word for it, hear from some of our HR Software customers.

HR software FAQs

We answer the most frequently asked questions about our HR software.

What applications does Moorepay HR Software integrate with?

Moorepay provide leading-class payroll & HR software, with true integration. That means if employee details are changed in one system then it’s reflected in our payroll system in real-time. For example, if employee banking details are changes in Moorepay’s HR Software then this change is reflected in the Payroll Software.
If you already have other business tools currently in use then data connections can be made through API integration. Our open API infrastructure allows data to flow seamlessly between Moorepay and third-party applications.
We can also enable flat file data exchange and powerful import and export capabilities through our Mapper tool that allow integration.

Does Moorepay HR Software have performance reviews?

Our performance management module helps to simplify and automate the performance review processes for greater efficiency. In our software you’ll be able to review employee objectives, set goals and track progress.

How customisable is Moorepay’s HR Software?

Our HR Software is customisable to suit your needs. Our People Analytics and reports section can be customised to show your data, just the way you want to see it. In implementation, fields and records can be customised to ensure you and your employees get the most out of our system.

What company size does Moorepay’s HR Software best suit?

Our products are designed for a wide range of business sizes. The majority of our customers have around 30 to 1000 employees. We do have customers who are outside of that bracket, however, it depends on what the requirements are, so give us a call and our team will advise you.

Do I need HR Software?

If you’re reading this, then the answer is most probably yes. If you want to reduce the time spent on laborious HR admin, you’re sick of manually manipulating data and you feel like your HR processes need streamlining then it sounds like HR Software is for you.

Does Moorepay cover time tracking?

Our Tu0026A module enables employees to clock in and out with ease. From desktop and their mobile phones employees can edit their timesheets, and submit them for approval. Holidays and absences are easily requested and tracked within the leave module.

How secure is Moorepay?

Not only are Moorepay the market leader for payroll u0026 HR software, we’re experts in protecting your sensitive data. We are ISO 27001 Accredited, which means we are regularly audited and maintain high-levels of security across our software.

Customer payroll data is stored in a purpose-built UK-based data centre, owned and operated by IBM. All data sent to and from our services are protected through a 256Bit SSL Certificate using the HTTPS protocol.

Our security team run regular Pen tests and vulnerability scans that give a snapshot of security. In addition to our security monitoring system, BitSight, which is continually monitoring and checking security levels and vulnerability.

What can employees do via self-service?

Every employee gains access to a cloud-based self-service platform that allows them to view and edit their personal details, view their history, submit expenses, timesheets, absences and their performance reviews.

Managers will be able to view these details, approve, reject or request more information on requests.

Users on our Next Generation Payroll u0026 HR Software will have access to the Moorepay Mobile App. This allows employees to manage their details on the go. You can find out more about our Mobile App and its functionality here.

What is HR Management Software?

Put simply, HR Management Software is a platform that makes day-to-day HR tasks easier. HR software means HR staff and managers can better allocate their time, it reduces admin and the number of human errors.

Why has Moorepay’s HR Software improved so much recently?

Moorepay have recently acquired Natural HR, another UK-based business specialising in market-leading HR Software. As part of that acquisition, we’re combining the best of Moorepay’s software with Natural HR’s to create a complete payroll & HR solution. That means more features and bigger benefits for our future customers – and even more reasons to choose Moorepay as your provider.

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