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It’s a partnership more than a customer-supplier relationship.

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UK HR Manager Marion Morgan from Recticel describes how she finds Moorepay’s Payroll Manager Service.


About Recticel

Recticel is an international industrial player whose ambition is to make an essential difference in everyone’s daily experience of comfort. They use leading expertise in PU chemistry to respond responsibly to the challenges of their customers and the planet.

For example, their Engineered Foams Division provides durable solutions for a wide variety of customer needs in areas such as silencing, sealing, filtering, carrying, protecting, supporting and comforting.

Recticel is a large company founded in 1960 with a long and fascinating history. Today, they have 420 employees over three sites, and Moorepay runs two payrolls in each site.

What we did for them

Recticel previously used our Payroll Software and moved to our Payroll Manager service in early 2022 when their payroll manager resigned.

Unfortunately, it soon became apparent that there were significant issues with the way the payroll had been processed. This included car benefits not being set up, and underpaying and overpaying tax.

As part of the Payroll Manager Service, Moorepay were able to resolve these issues so that Recticel was compliant with the law. Amica, Recticel’s assigned Senior Payroll Manager from Moorepay, acted as an extension of their team to clear up these issues over several pay runs, as well as supporting with phone calls to employees to explain the situation and answering any payroll-related questions.

Listen to Marion’s full account.

What they said about our payroll services

Here’s a transcript of Marion’s video testimonial above.

“We started using Moorepay when our previous payroll manager left the business. Moorepay worked with us closely and offered us the option to use what was their newly set-up Payroll Manager Service, which has proven to be fantastic.

“Moorepay have been instrumental in us resolving many of our [payroll related] issues. The team are just fantastic, they are always available, helpful and will respond to communication in a good time frame.

“The payroll system that we use is very easy, straightforward, web based, and enables us to manage our processes very carefully, and we are auditable for the future.

Moorepay have been instrumental in us resolving many of our issues. The team are just fantastic.

“We were allocated a payroll manager Amica and she has worked very closely with us. It’s a partnership more than a customer-supplier relationship I would say. She feels more part of our team and part of our HR function in our business. She is professional, helpful, and has enabled us to resolve a huge number of discrepancies within our payroll system.

“The level of expertise in the team that Moorepay provide for us is exceptional. I’ve been so satisfied with the support that they offer. They’re always helpful, polite and considering the bigger issue – not perhaps what’s in the best interest for Moorepay – but actually ensuring that Recticel have the support and the guidance that we need to ensure we comply with the law and meet HMRC’s requirements.

“No concerns from my point of view. I found that [the Moorepay team] are so knowledgeable, so helpful, and have great expertise. I could highly recommend them.”

My favourite thing about Moorepay is that I know I can 100% rely on them achieving the deadlines, making the payments, processing the information in an accurate, timely manner. I feel 100% confident that they’re providing the service we’re paying for, and I really value that.

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