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The Mobile App

The Mobile App

  • Say hello to the future of employee experience: employee self-service via a mobile app.
  • Help employees help themselves and stop answering the same old queries.
  • Reap the benefits of increased time savings, improved security, and happier employees.

What can employees do with the Mobile App?

Here are some smart features that you and your employees will love.

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    Pay documents

    Say goodbye to the most common queries to hit the payroll department. With the Mobile App, employees can quickly – and securely – access online payslips and P60s, and send on to third parties as they wish.

  • Leave

    Your employees will love the option to book annual leave via their mobile phone – it’s quick, slick, and easy to do. Plus, managers can review their team’s booked leave at a glance. Making the decision to approve or decline requests just got much easier!

  • Timesheets

    Employees can submit their timesheets, and managers can review, approve, reject and request more info – all in the Mobile App.

  • Expenses

    There’s no need to bootup the work laptop, employees simply submit expenses on the go. Managers and admins can approve expenses via the Mobile App as well – so easy!

  • Personal details

    Another good little feature of the App, employees can add their profile picture, update their personal details, next of kin, bank numbers and more. They’ll also be able to access their employment contract – all inside the App.

  • Handy notifications

    Employees will receive push notifications directly to their mobile phone. From ‘your leave has been approved’ to ‘your timesheet has been submitted’ – it’s the good stuff they want to see.

  • Biometric login

    Employees and other users can log into the Mobile App quickly and securely using biometric login (that’s fingerprint or facial recognition). No more requests for password resets!

  • Privacy mode

    Employees can view their payslips on the go, without the fear of prying eyes – all thanks to our handy privacy mode features.

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    People directory

    Your employees can use the device they use the most – their mobile phones. Sat on the bus on a Sunday? So what, they can access what they need, whenever they need it – and fast!

hot new feature

Discounts in-App

  • Employees smiling down at their phone? That’ll be thousands of savings straight from our app.
  • Full Employee Discounts functionality, but pocket-sized.
  • Support employee financial wellbeing, helping them save across the board, in just a few clicks.
Big update for the Moorepay Mobile App

What makes the Moorepay Mobile App so brilliant?

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    Save time
    With the Mobile App you’ll see far less queries hitting the payroll & HR department.
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    Stay secure
    Backed by Microsoft Azure, the App is built on secure, cloud-based technology.
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    Be happy
    The App makes payroll & HR totally faff-free for your team and your employees.

Watch our quick video!

See for yourself what you can do in our beautiful Mobile App…

Why switch from a traditional employee self-service?

  • Easy to use

    It’s super easy for everyone to navigate and find what they need.
  • cloud sync

    Easy to access

    It’s really quick and simple for admins and employees to log in.
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    Easy to trust

    Our software is highly secure and the App even has a privacy mode.

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See it in action

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The latest news on our Mobile App

We’ve got a few stories to tell you about one of our favourite products.

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    Discounts in-App

    When we think discounts, we think bigger is better. But these Employee Discounts you can hold in the palm of your hand – in the Moorepay Mobile App.

  • Our latest App developments

    Inundated by repeat employee queries? Sick of sending the same contracts all whilst cracking a smile? Well, not anymore.

  • Why we built the Mobile App

    Beautiful. Convenient. Easy. Is it what dreams are made of? Maybe. Say hello to the easy to access Moorepay Mobile App.

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