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About Excool

Excool is a manufacturer of an indirect adiabatic and evaporative data centre cooling product, which is able to cool data centres with year-round full or partial free cooling. The Excool adiabatic and evaporative cooling system has been developed specifically for the product and is highly efficient in both terms of its ability to saturate the outdoor air fully and in its water use.

Excool is currently being supplied to DC developments locally and internationally.

What we did for them

Working within the highly regulated manufacturing sector it’s obvious why Excool need expert H&S advice on tap. Excool became a Moorepay customer towards the end of 2019, seeking advice on their Modern Slavery policy. From there the relationship developed further.

Now we work closely with them across all elements of HR, including employment law advice, H&S advice and consultancy where required. As part of their service Excool have access to a 24/7/365 Advice Line dealing with pressing employment law and H&S queries the business might have.

Excool also have consultancy sessions with Moorepay. This means when new legislation comes into play or they need advice on changes impacting the workplace, Excool can lean on experts here at Moorepay.

Great company who assist wherever possible.

Special mention to Gary Foster who is open, honest, very helpful and takes his time when dealing with some more of the complex matters.

Can 100% recommend!

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