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Employee Benefits

Employee Benefits

  • Attract and retain your top talent with a comprehensive benefits package.
  • Employees enjoy access to a variety of benefits from an intuitive, online portal.
  • A simple and cost-effective way to offset the demand for salary increases.

What do you get with Employee Benefits?

Check out some of the key features of our online platform.

  • A wide range of benefits

    Cycle to work, health screening, life insurance, dental cover, Employee Assistance Programmes – the list goes on. There’s plenty to choose from, so you can create a reward package that keeps everyone happy.

  • Preferential rates

    You’ll get access to an exciting mix of pre-configured benefits – all at preferential rates – making it affordable, no matter what your budget.

  • Payroll integration

    Easily connect our employee benefits platform with your payroll software, to make salary sacrifice calculations quick, easy, and error-free.

  • Cloud-based portal

    Through Single Sign-On, access an easy-to-use cloud-based portal where you and your employees can view and manage benefits easily.

  • Benefit options

    Salary sacrifice benefits can be deducted directly from employee pay to enjoy tax and NI savings. Alternatively, you can opt for benefits where your employees pay via direct debit, at no risk to you. Or opt for both!

  • Total visibility

    In the ‘My total benefits’ section, your employees can view all of their active benefits, seeing what they pay, what their company pays, and their monthly savings. They’ll also find salary sacrifice deductions clear as day on their payslip.

key benefits

A benefits package your employees will love

  • Path
    Boost the employee experience
    Give your workforce access to desirable perks and help them make considerable financial savings. Plus, many of the benefits available support health and wellbeing – a must-have employer offering.
  • Path
    Attract and retain top talent
    Give your recruitment process a competitive edge and retain your most valued employees. With our benefits platform, you can compete with the remuneration packages offered by larger businesses, even on a small budget.

Reap the benefits of substantial cost savings

Providing a benefits package might be more cost-effective than you thought.

  • One

    Offering a comprehensive benefits packages is a cheaper – and highly effective – alternative to providing salary increases.
  • Two

    By improving the employee experience and staff retention, you’ll see considerable savings on recruitment and training.
  • Three

    You’ll also make extra cost savings such as National Insurance reductions, as your employees opt for benefits.

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Finer details & FAQs on implementation

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Benefits brokering (to get you the very best deals!)

  • Struggling to get the right policies in place to suit your business? Save the time and hassle by opting for our benefits brokering.
  • Our trained professionals will take the time to understand your business, and develop a customised employee benefits plan.
  • We’ll help you meet your workforce’s needs and make sure you’re getting the best deal!

Products that go well with Employee Benefits

We’ve got plenty of integrated add-ons that go perfectly with our discounts platform.

  • employee discounts

    Employee Discounts

    Attract and retain your top talent with hundreds of discounts to suit their needs.

  • HR Software

    Enjoy an integrated payroll & HR platform that saves you time and reduces the risk of errors.

  • Employee Assistance Programme

    Give your employees access to confidential counselling and expert advice.

Yes! Easy integration with payroll…

  • A large number of benefits integrated through salary sacrifice
  • Employees can self-select through a Single-Sign On platform
  • Touch-free for the payroll team

See it in action

Our friendly team can show you the ins and outs of our benefits platform, so you can see if it floats your boat.