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Extremely efficient.

About Urenco

Founded in 1970, Urenco are a global company with offices in Europe and the USA. They have an established history providing safe and reliable uranium enrichment services and fuel cycle products for power generation.

With a head office in Stoke Poges in Slough, Urenco have more than 500 employees.

What we did for them

Urenco enjoy Moorepay’s easy-to-use payroll & HR software, as well as a training provision from Moorepay’s L&D specialists.

The rich functionality of the software means less time spent doing manual payroll calculations! Plus, with integrated payroll & HR software, the team at Urenco don’t waste time entering the same data into different systems, this reduces the chance of making worrisome mistakes.

Ervisa at Moorepay was a great support to me during the implementation of a new module within the system. Extremely efficient and her communication and guidance on the matter was excellent. Thank you.

Overall, great service, knowledgeable support team and always there on the end of the phone.

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