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Keep up the good work.

About Metallisation

Since 1922, Metallisation has been the leading developer and manufacturer of Thermal Spray equipment and consumables for Arcspray, Flamespray, Plasma, HVOF, Laser Cladding and Automated Spraying Systems.

For almost a century, Metallisation Ltd have been designing, building and supplying metal spray equipment and providing solutions to the thermal spray industry. Today, it offers world class products, service, support and process development to help customers grow their coating business.

Metallisation has a strong customer-service focus. Customers are supported by its technical support team, providing expert knowledge on their products, training, equipment hire, and consumables.

What we did for them

Metallisation upgraded to the Next Generation Payroll Software Professional bundle in 2022, and signed up to our Absence Management Support in April 2021.

Our bundle gives Metallisation access to our best-in-class payroll software, Expenses and Advanced Employee Benefits, giving their employees a seamless and enjoyable experience. With the bundle, Metallisation also receive Advanced HR Software and Advanced People Analytics, giving them actionable insights into their people data, and Industry Insights to have a vantage point on how they’re doing in the context of their industry.

Having joined Moorepay during the height of the pandemic, Metallisation were particularly pleased with Moorepay’s fast response time to their payroll queries as well as their seamless implementation experience throughout this challenging time for businesses.

Many thanks. Once again I am most impressed with the speed of response we get from the Moorepay team. I just hope I can keep the questions to a minimum once all this coronavirus business is a distant memory, and I’m more used to the software! Just keep up the good work.

– Steve Atkiss, Accounts Manager

Excellent support in the implementation phase despite being an incredibly busy time with the start of a new tax year and the Covid-related changes taking place.

– Pete Silcox, Financial Director

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