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August 4, 2022

Reduce your payroll & HR queries | Our App developments

Inundated by repeat employee queries? Sick of sending the same contracts all whilst cracking a smile? Well, not anymore.

Recent advancements in our Mobile App mean employees can go about their business without knocking on the doors of payroll and HR departments up and down the UK. So, what’s new?

Employee directory

You know what it’s like, you’re new to the business, you’re looking for the bloke who sits next to you, but you can only remember his first name. With our Mobile App employees can quickly search the whole employee directory and find exactly who they’re looking for. Profile picture and contact details to boot.

That means a more efficient and self-sufficient workforce, speedier connections in the workforce, and improved internal visibility. That’s a lot for a day’s work.


Whether it’s their latest doctor’s note, receipts to support an expense claim or important work documentation (007 eat your heart out). Employees can now upload and access their attachments on the go, straight from the app. Forget faffing, forget scanning and certainly forget attaching it in an email. Our recent updates mean employees don’t need to stray far from their trusty mobile.

My contract

Ever found yourself about to buy a slap-up dinner and feel the need to check the expense limit? Got an offer on the table and want to check your notice period, or simply fancy a nosey at leave entitlement? As an employee when you want to check your contract the burning desire comes on quickly. And there is nothing worse than scanning your emails to find the signed version and pawing through it, all on a desktop.

Well, let this be music to the ears of your employees, and you. The My Contract section of the App allows employees to access their full contract on the go. That means less immediate demands for employee contracts, one source of truth, happy employees and happy you.

Easy to access

When we say easy to access, we really mean easy to access. Our Mobile App is downloadable from the App Store and Google Play. Built to save time and slot nicely into the digital age we live in. We show no signs of stopping when it comes to development, so stay tuned to see what else is instore.

How can I get it?

The Moorepay Mobile App is only accessible for users of our Next Generation Software. Whether you’re a customer looking for an upgrade or new to the Moorepay family, speak to an expert today.

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Molly Chapman Product Marketing Manager
About the author

Molly Chapman

Molly Chapman is the Product Marketing Manager at Moorepay, having joined our team in 2020. In short, Molly helps bridge the gap between our products and the customer: communicating the benefits and technical details of our products to ensure that our customers get the best out of Moorepay’s payroll & HR software and services. Working for many years in product marketing, most notably within the travel industry, Molly has an established background in bringing value to her client base. Outside of work, Molly enjoys experimenting with vegetarian cooking, walking the dogs and a good B&M bargain.