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PP Control and Automation

PP Control and Automation

As a payroll solution, having automatic calculations, accessing management information, and the ability to update information in one place has been great for the business. We’ve happily saved 48 working days a year thanks to switching to Moorepay.

About PP Control and Automation

PP Control & Automation is an award-winning provider of strategic outsourcing solutions to many of the most successful and respected machinery builders worldwide. PP Control & Automation helps its customers with manufacturing capacity on new orders: taking a product and building it to specification, as well as taking customers’ new or prototype products to market and managing the building process.

From people and space to production lead times and supply chain disruptions, PP C&A alleviate those pains by building relationships, strategies and manufacturing solutions that break down the barriers and unlock growth potential.

What we did for them

PP Control and Automation moved to Moorepay for one complete, integrated solution to manage their payroll, HR, expenses, employee benefits and analytics. Previously they had been using both an outsourced finance team and Sage software, but found this to be clunky and time consuming.

As a payroll solution in particular, having built-in automatic calculations, accessing management information, and the ability to update information in one place has meant PP Control and Automation has managed to cut substantial time, resources and costs in the business that they were able to invest elsewhere.

Implementation was good: working with our implementation manager Kevin was very positive, he was always available to help us throughout the pandemic last year. We could Teams him and there was no issue at all.

The product itself is fantastic, including the set-up. Payroll is so straightforward to run. When you login, it looks like a standard web page, the menu is easy to find, you can use the search bar, and it’s all aesthetically pleasing – which helps when you’re like me on a computer 8-10 hours a day! It’s very straightforward and easy to use.

We utilised the job retention scheme between April and June last year (2020) and happily the staff we furloughed have all returned to work now. The Moorepay system was very helpful in that instance by calculating the furlough calculations for us so we didn’t have to do much at all.

The training modules are really useful for a business that employs lots of people, so it’s a great product too.

Every time we speak to someone from Moorepay it’s always been a positive experience. If me or my team members ever have had a problem, issue or query, we always get a reply immediately and are never left hanging, which is great. It’s always resolved fairly quickly, even responding out of hours. When we were working with Sage it would take a significantly longer time to get back, and the quality of their FAQs procedure was fairly rubbish but it’s something that Moorepay seems to excel at. For example, when we were implementing our payroll, and had to put in a lot of data into a template, we could just call up our implementation manager and they would help us with it and make it easy.

We’ve probably saved a day a week of one person’s time thanks to moving to Moorepay. The previous payroll software was clunky and it would take over two days to manage a payroll, whereas now it’s a lot faster and easier. I’d say we’ve happily saved 48 working days a year. There are other efficiencies off the back of that: in the finance department we can use that time to improve working capital, efficiencies and initiatives in the business, so it has had a tangible effect on the business.

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