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July 4, 2023

Performance: the silver bullet to employee motivation  

Performance: the silver bullet to employee motivation

CEB found that 95 percent of managers are dissatisfied with the way their companies conduct performance reviews. So, what does a modern performance review look like? And how is it any different from old school methodology? Our performance module is here to help you take a different tact when it comes to managing performance.  

Branded as a tick box exercise, and drawn out once a year for the benefit of HR and HR only, what is it about performance reviews that people hate? Traditionally considered to be a snapshot of employee output, narrowminded, and lacking in consistency, here’s how our software is changing all of that.  

Any HR department worth its money wants to nurture top talent, keep bums on seats, and spot problems before they arise. The truth is when you’re time poor, it can be hard to rethink the whole performance thing. So, when it swings by once a year, guess what? You’ll be using the same templates. With our performance module you can quickly shift behaviour, without the laborious whiteboard sketching.  

While we can’t promise our performance module will inject a heavy dose of inspiration into every employee, we can promise performance measurement diversity. What the heck is that? Well, where traditional performance measures might be based on a 121 with a manager, our software allows a holistic approach to performance, pulling in social recognition, peer reviews and 360 feedback. So, you can see every side of the coin, and drive some real employee motivation.  

Easy to use 

Invite lands. 

Email opens.  

Heavy eye roll ensues. 

So, what’s the problem here? The haters say traditional methodology is long-winded, does support employee motivation, and it’s time-consuming. 

Step far away from the manual paper process, and into the delights of a proper audit trail where getting business buy-in comes a dime a dozen.  

Manager won’t need to rack their brain, or hunt through emails for the good stuff, it’s all neatly pulled through into the employee’s performance process. Get a glimpse of 360 feedback and social recognition right in the profile. If you’re deadest in aligning performance to company goals that’s as simple as a couple of clicks, with competencies right there in front of you.  

We’ll even let you set cheeky hints and reminders, automating workflows off the back of it, that means no email chasers for you.   

Easy to access  

Handwritten scrawling’s on paper templates mindlessly strewn across the office. Not on our watch. Our performance module is completely cloud-based, we don’t need to harp on about the data security and efficiency that comes with that.  

It’s completely manager and employee sufficient, so you can be as hands off as a HR department. We’ll even automate the chasers for you. So no knocking on virtual, or physical, doors demanding reviews. 

If you’re sick of the annual: ‘how do I? What do I? Where do I?’ you’ll be very pleased to know we’ve made it plain and simple. You’ll have the ability to upload how-to videos and step-by-step instructions on how to complete the perfect performance review, reducing the volume of queries coming through to you.  

Easy to trust 

Devil is in the detail, or in this case, the data. Maybe you have a manager who isn’t fond of a particular employee, or discrepancies in ratings across departments? Pulling things like succession planning, competencies and skills into reviews will help shine a light on what’s actually going on with employees and their performance. That means you can trust your employees are being rated fairly, and what does that mean for employees? You guessed it, that all important motivation to do bigger and better things.  

How do I get it?

Step 1, speak to us. Step 2, watch employee motivation fly.  

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Molly Chapman Product Marketing Manager
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