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July 14, 2020

It’s Here! Moorepay’s New and Improved HR Hub

HR Hub Upgrade

The HR Hub has now been upgraded to a new improved look and feel providing a more user-friendly experience for our customers.  

New Knowledge Centre 

We’ve created a  Knowledge Centre for easier navigation to core HR and Health & safety content topics. 

From Maternity Rights to Grievances, Fire Safety and First Aid: You can access key content pages and view suggested relevant content, such as downloadable Templates, Forms, Guidance Notes, FAQs at the click of a button.  

HR Hub Knowledge Centre

New User Search Navigation  

Using relevant keywords, users can search throughout the software to access content and existing documents to quickly access content on key subject matter areas.  

HR Hub Dashboard

Health & Safety Tools 

The Health & Safety module, now located in the new Tools section has a fresh, new interface and user-friendly design.  

As part of our core Health and Safety service you can access risk assessments, action plans, run reports and download or store bespoke documents, like your H&S policies and procedures within a secure online portal to create a safe working environment.  

About Us  

Our new About Us section provides access to key contact information and biographies of our client facing HR Services team for your handy reference.  

Logging onto the Software 

A reminder that existing clients can access the online portal through the Moorepay website.  

HR Hub Login

HR Hub Communications  

Our newly launched HR Hub communications channel ensures clients get all the freshest updates of all software features, user navigation tips and content updates through to their inboxes 

We’re looking forward to bringing you more updates soon and providing more content to support our clients with the upgrade. 

 To Book a Demo with our sales team, contact us on 0345 184 4615. 

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About the author

Alexandra Dunton

Alex studied Law at University College London and has 15 years’ commercial experience working in B2B Business Development and marketing. Alex joined Moorepay in 2019 and is committed to bringing real-time Employment Law and Health and Safety content to our clients adding value to the software which supports our HR Services.