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June 22, 2021

Five ways software integration will save you money

5 ways software integration will save you money

Integration doesn’t just mean touch free data, a seamless experience and APIs lightening the load. What if we told you integration could have your finance team jumping for joy too? With 82% of businesses failing due to cashflow issues, it pays to invest in integration.

Reduce headcount

Ever get the feeling your admins spend their time doing, well, admin? How much could your business save if some of this admin was automated? Could you even save a whole headcount and invest that money elsewhere in the company? We’re not in the market of doing people out of a job, but maybe the resource could be focused elsewhere in the business? With payroll & HR salaries on the rise, integration could be the saving grace you’re after.

Improved efficiency

We’re all about efficiency, getting things done quickly and accurately. Payroll & HR integration is at the centre of great efficiency. Do your team spending hours searching for documents, inputting the same data across multiple systems and praying for a simpler way? You hire payroll & HR teams to do exactly that, not faff around with clunky systems that don’t communicate with one another. Integration streamlines processes and guarantees to put a smile on your teams faces. Well, that and a good brew.

Combined services

Feel like you have lots of different systems, all charging you quarterly, monthly, yearly – and a never-ending pot of invoices? While we can’t solve all the woes of your finance team, combining payroll, HR and employee benefits with one provider means a few less suppliers to deal with. What’s more, opting for a one stop shop is frequently cheaper than opting for many different suppliers.

Reduced errors

Mistakes happen all the time – after all, we’re only human – but how much does a payroll error cost your business? How many times have employees been overpaid due to dodgy data and kept quiet?  A fully integrated payroll & HR system will take one source of truth for your data and ensure that this is applied across both payroll and HR. Less errors = less pennies lost. Happy days.


Payroll compliance is not one to play around with. Risking unlimited fines is a sure-fire way to get in trouble with your finance department, and HMRC. Opting for an integrated payroll & HR service means that there is one source of truth for your data, that means your new starter you almost missed off your submission is less likely to slip through the net. Oh, and those benefits you almost forgot about? Don’t worry, they’re already applied to your payroll and your reports.

Sold on integration? Us too. Check out our fully integrated payroll & HR software and services and start saving.

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