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March 27, 2017

50 Year Facelift – Moorepay Brand Refresh

Brand refresh and website facelift for Moorepay

If you’re familiar with Moorepay then you’ll probably notice we’re looking a bit different.

Today we’re unveiling our new, modern website, and with it giving you a first show of our brand facelift which you’ll see across more and more of our materials and communications in the weeks and months ahead.

Over the 50 years we’ve been in business we’ve always changed what we do and how we do it to meet the needs of our customers.

When we first started in 1966 we were one of the first businesses anywhere to use computers to run payroll (and our roots are very much in the payroll world), but these days we’re much moore than just pay.

We’re a people business, and we deliver services and software to help our customers look after and pay their people. So we really wanted to make sure our brand reflected that – with Moorepay you’re only ever a phone call away from speaking to a real person who can help.

We also wanted to reflect what our brand and people stand for – making payroll & HR easy. At the heart of all our decision-making is whether what we’re doing makes things easier for our customers, and it’s the litmus test for how we judge our success.

So that’s that – we hope you find it represents our people: professional, friendly, and genuinely striving to make your working days easier.

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Stuart (MCIPR) is a trained journalist, writer and marketer with ten years' experience in B2B, public sector and employee communications. A former marketing consultant and agency client-lead, Stuart is responsible for communications and content at Moorepay.