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We The Curious

We The Curious

I don’t know how we’d have coped without them, I’m so glad we moved to Moorepay when we did!

About We The Curious

We The Curious is an educational charity and interactive science venue based in Bristol. Much more than a ‘museum’, We The Curious have created a space where people can enjoy science as messy, creative and collaborative.  

Established in 2000, they employ more than 110 people, delivering exhibitions, workshops and shows. To date, more than 4,000,000 visitors have enjoyed their interactive science and arts centre.  

We The Curious have a clear mission: to build a culture of curiosity where everyone can ask questions, explore and test ideas together. 

What we did for them

We The Curious have a HR and payroll team of three people who handle a complex payroll with lots of hourly paid employees. They need software that can handle this, as well as expert payroll advice whenever they need it. 

Their reasons for switching over to Moorepay in 2019 was a general unhappiness with both the software and support they were receiving from their previous payroll provider. Prior to joining Moorepay, they were putting up with a limited system that was never updated and a helpdesk that wasn’t very helpful! 

Following a smooth switch over to Moorepay’s payroll software, the team at We The Curious were able to link directly to their HR database, as well as their rotoring system, via API connectors. This is important to the team as it saves them a lot of time and reduces the likelihood of errors. 

During the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic and with the introduction of the Job Retention Scheme, their team were very reliant on the payroll support provided by Moorepay. Furlough calculations were challenging, but with Moorepay everything ran smoothly; the payroll team was always available to answer queries and give expert guidance.  

Overall, We The Curious are most happy with the simplicity of using Moorepay software and the accuracy of their payroll. No matter how complicated the calculations, with Moorepay, it’s easy.

We looked at a few systems and felt Moorepay offered good value for money. Our switch to them went well, we only had a small team to help – mainly just one part-time lady managing it at our side – but it all went smoothly. I’ve implemented new systems before and was worried it would take a long time, but following two successful dual payroll runs, we moved straight over to the system. It was quick and painless.

We’ve got a complicated payroll but Moorepay’s software is sophisticated and the calculations are always so accurate – no matter how complex the circumstances.

I’ve worked in HR for 11 years but when the pandemic hit, I felt like I was back to square one with the furlough scheme! Thankfully, the Moorepay team were amazing. Any queries we had they were quick to respond and very helpful – I don’t know how we’d have coped without them, I’m so glad we moved to Moorepay when we did!

Overall the biggest difference with Moorepay has been the accuracy of our payroll. Everything is set up for us, it’s very straightforward to check, and I know I can just trust it.

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