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Landal GreenParks UK

Landal GreenParks UK

Friendly employees and excellent customer service.

About Landal Greenparks

Landal GreenParks originated in Holland in 1954 and now offers over 95 locations across nine European countries including the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and Austria. Landal GreenParks launched in the UK in 2017 to provide holidays in the heart of nature, the countryside and woodlands.

Landal GreenParks now has 9 locations covering the full length and breadth of the UK, from Cornwall to Scotland. Overall, they offer 14,000 accommodation units, have 3,000 employees and provide 14 million overnight stays to 3 million guests per year.

What we did for them

Landal GreenParks signed up to our Managed Payroll Premium Bundle. Moorepay’s team of experts run their payroll so their employees are paid on time, every time. Manual calculations, messy leave pay, and keeping up with compliance is all sorted for Landal by us, so they can focus on keeping their customers happy instead.

With it, they also enjoy using our People Analytics module to get greater insight into their people data – with bespoke graphs and flexible reporting software – meaning they can make informed business decisions based on real data.

Moorepay also manage their Auto Enrolement, ensuring their employees’ pension is properly processed.

Landal GreenParks most appreciated the flexible nature of our solutions, custom built to suit their specific needs.

Great service.

Friendly employees and excellent customer service. They are quick to respond and flexible in their solutions. Would definitely recommend to others.

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