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Haydock Commercial Vehicles

Haydock Commercial Vehicles

Faster Payroll Payments has had a big and positive impact. I’d absolutely recommend it to other businesses.

About Haydock Commercial Vehicles

As a Scania dealer, Haydock Commercial Vehicles is committed to providing excellent customer service to their customers, providing commercial vehicles to a wide customer base. They cover North Wales and the North West of England with dealerships in Haydock, Preston, Widnes, Ellesmere Port and Deeside.

What we did for them

Haydock Commercial moved to Moorepay and opted for our payroll software to manage the payment and payroll processing of over 200 employees. As part of their migration Haydock Commercials chose Faster Payments.

They benefited from a smooth and easy implementation process overseen by Moorepay’s implementation team.

Faster Payroll Payments has been brilliant for us for a number of reasons. First, ease of set up. No SUN required, a simple process and a completely transparent charging structure.

Our Faster Payments product allowed Haydock Commercials to claim back time when processing their payroll. They said, “we now have more time to process our payroll, which is really key to us with the mix of shift-work, overtime, weekly and monthly salaries that make up our payroll.”

This allowed for greater payroll flexibility, later funding, and eased cashflow constraints in the business.

Best of all, we have the flexibility to make changes right up to the last minute, which, again with our payroll mix, is a huge benefit. And because we know exactly how much we’re paying for each payment, unlike with the mystery around bank charges, it is really positive for our cashflow.

A real benefit to Haydock Commercials was an extra day to amend and process payroll, which was greatly received at month end.

Faster Payroll Payments has had a big and positive impact. I’d absolutely recommend it to other businesses.

Out of all the payroll companies we spoke to, Moorepay was the only one able to offer Faster Payments. No one else could do it. This gave them a significant advantage over their competitors.

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