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The main benefit of using Moorepay’s HR Services is it gives us confidence that we are doing the right thing.

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Support Manager Mateus Coro from Samsic describes how he finds Moorepay’s HR Services.

About Samsic

Samsic delivers a global, complementary range of facilities management services, with the aim of enhancing people’s work environments and performance. From cleaning, to security, to reception management, Samic ensures its customers’ offices run smoothly and securely.

In total, Samsic services over 30,000 customers with their 93,000 employees. Mateus’ team work in Heinz Contract, providing cleaning staff and security for the Wigan factory.

One of Samsic’s core values is to treat their colleagues with respect and integrity, prioritising their wellbeing, and taking our responsibility to their people and community. This is why they opted for Moorepay to help provide a consistent and confidence-building experience for their employees.

What we did for them

We support Samsic with managing their people through our HR Services. This includes access to our 24/7/365 Advice Line for out-of-hours advice, document support such as employee contracts, and enabling Samsic to keep thorough digital records of past cases for future-proofing.

Samsic particularly appreciated Moorepay’s expert advice over difficult issues such as managing employee absence and poor performance. They voiced feeling more comfortable in the knowledge Moorepay were guiding them to deal with issues that emerged in a correct and compliant way.

What they said about our services

“The main benefit of using Moorepay’s HR Services is it gives us confidence that we are doing the right thing [for our employees]. When I close a case I can feel confident that I’m taking the correct action, and I’m doing the right thing. It’s good to have peace of mind; you can work better when you know what you are doing, and that even in the most difficult situations – that we have lots of – you can think to yourself: “Well, I did everything that I could, and we are complying with the law”.

“I know that even out of hours, if we have for example an unexpected problem, I can use Moorepay because they have an Advice Line 24/7.

“I’ve been in touch with more than ten Moorepay advisors if I’m not mistaken, and they are very supportive. It’s almost as if we are doing the process together.”

Working with Moorepay is very beneficial for our business for both sides: from the management side and with our relationship with our employees.

Because following the formal and necessary steps that Moorepay provide us, we can feel that our employees feel safe. They feel confident that we as a business are doing the right thing.

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