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Harts Group

Harts Group

I am absolutely impressed by the system. It’s really great, extremely helpful and very well designed.

About Harts Group

Harts Group is the London-based restaurant group behind Barrafina, Quo Vadis, El Pastor and The Drop. Sam and Eddie Hart, who together founded Barrafina and took over Quo Vadis, were named Best Restaurateurs in the GQ Food and Drink Awards 2017 and Restaurateur of the Year – Independent in 2016. Harts Group is currently led by restaurateurs Sam and James Hart and Crispin Somerville.

What we did for them

Harts Group signed up for a range of Moorepay’s HR products, including access to our 24/7 advice line, open all year for expert support and personalised documentations part of our HR services package. With HR Consultancy, they gained a deep dive into specific topics relevant to their business with our experts, which is particularly useful for complex cases and getting to grips with new business initiatives.

Included is HR insurance which protects Harts Group from the risk (and cost) of employment tribunals.

Wow, what a great service and system!

I had a tour around the Hub with Alex Dunton and I am absolutely impressed by the system. Alex talked me through it and explained everything in detail. It’s really great, extremely helpful and very well designed. It definitely deserves a big wow. Thank you for this!

Using this service definitely saves some time when you need a simple template letter or just to check on previous advice without calling the Line. Although it’s always good to receive a proper advice and speak to one of the great advisors. I also like the choice of available courses.

Again, I’m really amazed! Many thanks to Alex and rest of the team.

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