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Design Innovation

Design Innovation

The service I’ve received has been above and beyond what I anticipated.

About Design Innovation

Design Innovation is an award-winning home automation specialist. Their systems provide lighting control, heating control, audio and video distribution, curtain and blind control, alarms and CCTV for homes and offices.

Based in Nottingham, their expert team install their systems across the UK.

Why they came to Moorepay

Design Innovation came to Moorepay for support with a few concerns in 2020, most notably a change in employee contracts and managing an employee whilst on furlough.

Due to these challenges, Design Innovation needed support with a furloughed member of staff who required additional attention and communication regarding his employee contract and more recently, holiday entitlement surrounding furlough. As a fairly new topic in HR at that time, these kinds of discussions need to be handled with care and diligence.

Having used Moorepay’s HR Employment Law package since 2014, Design Innovation contacted the Moorepay 24/7/365 advice line to gain advice on the matter.

What we did for them

David Bradshaw, Design Innovation’s Managing Director, said: “Elaine [my account manager] has been extremely helpful with my member of staff. She gave me verbal advice over the phone, and helped by proofreading my emails to the employee, recommending amendments, and giving me final confirmation to send.

“It was reassuring and very valuable to know what I was saying was correct and that I wasn’t setting myself up for a ‘fall’.”

Moorepay’s HR employment law package gives our customers access to a dedicated account manager to advise on any matters at hand. In addition, Moorepay’s HR customers are covered by Moorepay’s professional indemnity insurance. David said that the knowledge they were covered by Moorepay’s insurance was immensely reassuring.

Knowing we wouldn’t have to cover the potentially huge costs of a tribunal hearing if communications with an employee did fail gave me the confidence to tackle the issue.

As a growing business, Design Innovation also had to change their employee contracts to reflect the change in circumstances regarding the company vans.

“I think of our [HR Services] package as giving us the means to get in touch with Moorepay whenever I have questions in regards to HR full stop… Whenever I need a bit of HR help I think ‘Elaine was very helpful last time, I’ll give her a call’.

“I call her up on her mobile and she’s always happy to help out. It’s advantageous that she’s assigned to us so that when I call her, she’s familiar with us, she knows the situation, and can give better advice because of that.”

Many small to medium sized businesses, like Design Innovation, do not have the need to invest in a HR department or dedicated employee to manage their staff and any issues that do arise. In this case, Moorepay acted as an extension of their business to support them with expert HR advice.

The service I’ve received has been above and beyond what I anticipated. I have received greater support than I would have guessed which has been very valuable and very much appreciated.

As a small business, we’re not big enough to have our own HR department or specialise internally, so it’s great to have support and advice from a HR expert.

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