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Faster Payments

Faster Payments

  • Enjoy two extra days to process your payroll – that means more time to get it right!
  • Fix any payroll mistakes and make last-minute changes, totally free of charge.
  • Improve cash flow by keeping money in your business bank account for longer.

Demand is growing…

Our data from 2021 versus 2020 shows Faster Payments uptake is rising rapidly.

  • 136
    Total number of Faster Payment transactions
  • 547
    Total value of money processed via Faster Payments
  • 165
    Number of active Faster Payments customers

Key features

Our Faster Payments Service

  • Payroll integration
    Faster Payments integrate directly into payroll processes. That means no payment sign-off and hoops to jump through, just instant and real-time payments.
  • Cloud-based
    Everything is accessible online, anytime, and on any device. With data securely stored in the cloud the risk of data leakage is minimised.
  • Powered by Mastercard
    Faster Payments is powered by IGsend and Mastercard. IGsend is FCA approved and a regulated Mastercard partner giving you transparent, reliable and secure access to UK Faster Payments.

Extra fast payroll payments

What does Faster Payments mean for payroll?

  • Get the gift of time

    • You'll gain up to two extra days to process payroll.
    • That’s more time to make your data submission and ensure it’s accurate.
  • Enjoy better cash flow

    • Your money stays in your bank account for a whole two extra days.
    • Which means you'll improve your cash flow and earn more interest!
  • Feel in control

    • Mistakes happen, we get it. But with Faster payments it doesn't matter.
    • Make last-minute changes to your payroll data – free of charge

What do our customers say?

Don’t just take it from us, hear from the people who work with us.

And did we mention? They’re more cost-effective than you might think…

  • Faster Payments often works out cheaper than traditional payment methods – especially when you consider your total costs.
  • For instance, there’s no need for pricey Chaps payments when making payroll amendments, and you’re far less likely to be hit with late payment fees too!
  • With Faster Payments, simply make last-minute payroll changes as and when you need to – it’s totally free of charge.

A price tag you’ll be chuffed with

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