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Why Choose Faster Payroll Payments

July 2020

Our webinar will take you through the benefits of Faster Payroll Payments, including how to access our three month free trial.

About Faster Payments

When it comes to employee payments, many businesses are forced to use the in-flexible and archaic Bacs payment method. Well that has now changed: introducing Faster Payroll Payments!

Moorepay’s innovative Faster Payroll Payment solution seamlessly integrates into the payroll process this payment method removes the costs, risk and pressure imposed by traditional payment solutions and allows you to run a more accurate payroll every time.

What’s even more surprising is Faster Payments can be more cost effective than Bacs payments.

And to make things even better, we are offering a 3-month FREE trial which you can cancel at any point during the 3 months.

About The Webinar

Join our webinar where we will cover:

  • How to cap your costs and mitigate from late change fees

  • How faster payments delivers flexible cash-flow

  • How you can use faster payments to ensure payroll accuracy

  • How you can support your employees satisfaction

  • Join the live Q&A afterwards, where you can ask questions to one of our in-house experts

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