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Research Briefing: The Engaged Employer and Winning the ‘War for Talent’

September 2019

As a payroll and HR provider, we have conversations with the leaders of SMEs all over the country every day.

Overwhelmingly the issue that concerns SME leaders is how and where to recruit the skilled staff they need, and then how to keep them.

We recently conducted a piece of research to see whether the benefits companies offer have an impact on how valued employees feel. We sought the opinions of 2,000+ employees and 350+ employers to understand: are companies giving their people the benefits they want? 

This webinar includes case studies from SME businesses and Payroll & HR experts will discuss the findings and implications of the research.

Join this webinar to understand the valuable insights from this research including:

  • The Value Gap: employees feel undervalued, but employers are often unaware

  • Benefits Barometer: SMEs are being out-gunned by larger rivals

  • The regional differences and opportunities

  • The top ten benefits to recruit and retain SME employees

  • Simple steps you can take to start developing a more loyal and productive workforce

  • Q & A session

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