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Living with Covid | HR essentials

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March 2022

Almost two years into the pandemic, the prime minister has announced an end to all legal restrictions on coronavirus in England. This includes the requirement to self-isolate if you test positive for Covid-19.

The removal of Covid-19 support as well as safety rules will inevitably lead to a number of challenges and pose numerous questions for employers.

Watch this webinar where our HR and H&S specialists have summarised the ‘Living with Covid’ plan, what the changes will mean in practice and what you need to consider as an employer.

What this video covers:

  • Should you encourage staff to stay at home if they test positive for covid-19?

  • Should employers consider providing free lateral flow tests?

  • What covid-related policies should employers continue to enforce?

  • How can you support employees who feel anxious about being in the workplace?

  • Live Q&A during the session

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