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Direct debits

Direct debits

  • Enjoy Moorepay’s secure, cloud-based Direct Debit Software.
  • Simply log in, enter your data, and your payments will be collected.
  • Worry-free, accurate payment collection that makes cash flow easier to manage.

What can you expect from our Direct Debit Software?

Secure, reliable payments made quick and easy.

  • Automation

    Automatically collect funds on specified payment dates. No need for email, fax or post – eliminate human error, as well as paper.

  • Cloud-based

    Our Direct Debit Software offers secure, online access from any device, any time you want to log in.

  • Easy dashboards

    It’s simple to view all your payments due, as well as what you owe, with real-time charts all displayed on one handy dashboard.

  • Data security

    Rest assured your sensitive payment data is stored in secure data centres.

  • Reports

    As standard, you’ll get access to a suite of reports, including a list of all payers amounts, all the changes made to payer details and a list of all payer details. Reports can be expanded and edited to meet your specific needs.


    Enjoy peace of mind because our Direct Debit Solution is Automated Direct Debit Instruction Service (AUDDIS) enabled. AUDDIS automates the transfer of DDIs between your organisation and the bank. All parties (the service user, consumer and the bank) using Direct Debit will benefit from this service.

Finally, easy and reliable payments

Check out the numbers that sit behind our Direct Debit Software

  • 1000000
    Collections have been made through our Direct Debit solution.
  • 729000000
    Collected annually through our Direct Debit solution.
  • 7000
    That’s how many years of experience our team has.
  • 55
    How many years we’ve been in business for.

Why choose our cloud-based Direct Debit Software?

  • Reliable, on-time payments

    • Make accurate payments automatically – no more missing payment deadlines, and no more penalties.
    • Reduce your turnaround times by scrapping the need to email, fax or post.
  • Robust technology

    • Say goodbye to outdated payment methods – our solution detects any discrepancies through data validation.
    • Enjoy improved accuracy and security with GDPR compliant, cloud-based software.
  • Greater cash flow control

    • Easily track exactly what’s coming in and out of your business – improved visibility helps you spot trends and tackle problems head-on.
    • Save by eliminating much of the paperwork and postage associated with setting-up Direct Debits.

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