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Search solutions, connectors and partners in the Moorepay Marketplace. Find solutions and partners we connect with to improve your payroll & HR experience.


Connectors and integrations

Solutions that connect to Moorepay through either flat file integration or APIs.

  • API Connected
    Business Central | Microsoft

    Ensure business continuity, align sales, service, finance, payroll and HR to drive faster and agile business results. Moorepay can connect your payroll and HR software with Microsoft for Business Central software via pre-built API connectors.

  • API Connected
    Microsoft 365 | Office

    Integrate with the Microsoft 365 applications you know and love. We can integrate Microsoft 365 into your Moorepay payroll and HR software via API integration, making managing your people easy.

  • API Connected
    ProMark | Time & Attendance

    Mark Information is a leading vendor of Workforce Management systems for time & attendance, absence and task management as well as staff rostering and shift scheduling.

  • Flatfile Connected
    Bizimply | Time & Attendance

    Get a fully comprehensive view of employees across attendance, scheduling and operational management. Bizimply is a Moorepay app that integrates seamlessly with our payroll and HR software, with no need for additional set-up.

  • Flatfile Connected
    Expensemate | Expenses

    Expensemate is the simple way to manage employee purchases. No more expense reports, paper receipts or repetitive admin. And what’s more, Expensemate can connect with your payroll & HR for easy purchase management.

  • Flatfile Connected
    Deputy | Time & Attendance

    Help your managers and employees do their best work and drive business efficiency in the process. Deputy’s time and attendance software integrates through flat file with our payroll and HR software to save you time and provide the insights you need in one place.

  • Flatfile Connected
    People HR | HR  

    Already using People HR as a HR solution? Drive business efficiency and streamline your processes for business results and gain one source of truth for your people data. Moorepay can connect your payroll and HR through flat file integration.

  • Flatfile Connected
    Sage | Finance

    If you’re using Sage for integrated accounting and payment systems, we can integrate your payroll and HR operations through flat file integration. Send important information you can audit from Moorepay to Sage and get the outputs you need.  

  • API Connected
    LANDED Hiring Software

    LANDED Hiring Software makes hiring easy with custom screening funnels, automated admin, video interviews & collaborative short listing.

  • API Connected
    Apple | Identity management

    Increase security and compliance, and provide a seamless user experience with streamlines credentials. Moorepay can connect your payroll and HR software with Apple identity management via pre-built API connectors.

  • API Connected
    Azure Active Directory | Identity management

    Increase security and compliance with centrally managed identities and access to unify identity management. Benefit from pre-built API that connects Azure active directory to Moorepay.

  • API Connected
    Google | Identity and access management

    Increase security and compliance with enterprise-grade access control to ensure the right access is granted to the right people at the right time. Moorepay can connect your software with IAM via pre-built API connectors.

  • API Connected
    Okta | Identity management

    Optimise end-user experience and tighten security to relieve administrative demands on IT. Benefit from pre-built API that connects Azure active directory to Moorepay.

Moorepay apps

Moorepay’s apps that integrate seamlessly with our payroll and HR software, with no additional set-up needed.

  • Moorepay App
    People Analytics

    Payroll & HR data insights to help you drive and inform strategy. Our People Analytics app integrates seamlessly with our payroll and HR software. As the integration has already been created, there is no need for additional set-up if you choose to add this onto your bundle.

  • Moorepay App
    Faster Payments

    Paying your employee’s wages with Faster Payments means it’s transferred across in minutes – giving you back valuable time. Faster Payments is a Moorepay app that integrates seamlessly with our software with no extra set-up required.

  • Moorepay App
    Learning Management System

    The multi-award winning Learning Management System manages your entire workforce training program including course publishing, sequential plans, events, webinars and CPD tracking. The software provides a personalised and responsive workforce training experience for your employees and contractors.

  • Moorepay App
    Time & Attendance

    Record employee working hours and site attendance – digitalising time & attendance capture, removing wasted time and ‘time theft.’ Moorepay connects with our time & attendance app via API integration for time and attendance software that integrates with your payroll and HR.

  • Moorepay App
    Employee Benefits & Discounts

    Attract, engage and retain staff by providing benefits to match your budget and employees’ aspirations. Moorepay’s employee benefits & discounts app means you can integrate the experience with your payroll & HR for the benefit of your employees.

  • Moorepay App

    Create a seamless expenses process for your employees & managers. Our expenses app allows employees to submit expenses for approval to their line managers, allowing managers to review, approve and reject –providing a simple and straightforward user workflow.

Standard APIs

No need for downloading and uploading data. Our set of standard APIs allow your inhouse developers to build connections from implementable modules into your Moorepay payroll & HR software.

  • Standard
    Time and Attendance

    Effectively managing the workforce, including shift patterns and attendance.

  • Standard

    Managing your people data with ease.

  • Standard
    Expenses Modules

    Manage your employee payments with ease by integrating your expense data.

  • Standard
    Payroll Output

    Integrate your payroll output through APIs, saving you time and driving efficiency.

  • Standard
    Finance Output

    Integrate your finance outputs with our APIs.

  • Standard

    Integrate human capital management (HCM) modules with Moorepay’s solutions.

  • Standard
    Payroll Processing

    Integrate your payroll processing with our APIs.

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