Service Centre Approach | Team 3

New and improved service approach

Payroll Service Centre Team three

New and improved service approach

What’s changed?

We’ve removed the Service Centre and replaced it with a number of small, dedicated teams of payroll professionals and system experts.

We’ve allocated you a team comprising of 6 payroll professionals led by an experienced payroll manager. You can call the team on 0345 351 0508 or email them at

Many of you will remember you were previously allocated a key contact who was responsible for answering your queries. Our new small teams will remove any single points of failure meaning you’ll get through to someone quickly and won’t be asked to call back when your dedicated payroll contact is busy. The teams are also small enough for you to build valuable relationships with your dedicated experts.

This means that, when you have a question for the Moorepay team, you can call or email your dedicated team directly instead of going through to the Service Centre Team.

The new process

Here’s what we did before and what we’re doing now.

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    Previous process

    You phone or email the Service Centre Team. System related questions are answered immediately and payroll or more complex queries are diverted to a payroll professional or specialist team.
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    New process

    You phone or email your dedicated team and a payroll professional or system expert handles your query.

Your dedicated team

  • This team is a first point of contact for all your queries.
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    Whether that’s dealing with a basic payroll query, a system question or a more complex issue – they will do their utmost to resolve your query there and then
  • This will help us improve our response times and service quality.
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How do I contact my new team?

You can call the team on 03453 510 508 or email them at

If you’d like to discuss this change, please don’t hesitate to dial your dedicated number above and your team will be happy to help you.

We would politely remind you that for any queries relating to additional products, commercial queries or for an insight into our Next Generation Payroll & HR software, please contact your Commercial Account Manager.

How will this be better?

  • Specific industry knowledge

    Introduced role-specific training so every member of your team will have the correct knowledge and experience to deal with your query.
  • Customer expertise

    We’ve also introduced some further customer focus training and we’re building more capacity into our teams.
  • Faster response time

    In the short-term our service will feel more responsive, and you’ll get the right help and answers quicker.
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    More people on your team

    We’ve removed any chances of a single point of failure.
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    Improved quality of service

    We continually listen to feedback and improve our operating models to help us deliver a great customer experience.
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    One-to-one relationships

    This approach enables our colleagues to strengthen their relationships with you.

Why are we making these changes?

Last August we launched the Service Centre Team to improve our responsiveness and service quality. This centralised team have been on-hand to answer your questions and divert more complex queries to the most appropriate person at Moorepay.

Some of you expressed your frustration with explaining your query to the Service Centre and then sometimes being required to repeat yourself when your query is diverted to the most appropriate person. In addition, some of you have found that through having such a large Service Centre team, you’re speaking to lots of different people which prevents you from building valuable relationships with our colleagues.

However, many of you have also commented that the introduction of the Service Centre Team has helped you get through to someone quickly, instead of being asked to call back when your dedicated payroll contact is busy.

The new structure is designed to make your life easier as we improve our responsiveness and accountability whilst enabling our colleagues to strengthen their relationships with you.