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Employee Assistance Programme FAQs

Employee Assistance Programme FAQs

Changes to your Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)

Your frequently asked questions

  • Why is my EAP provider being changed?

    We have taken the decision to move from BHSF to Health Assured to provide our EAP provision to better the service we give our customers and their employees. With this move you and your customers will enjoy:

    1. – Better customer and employee service
    2. – Additional helpful online content and webinars
    3. – Additional supporting collateral
    4. – Access to an employee app
  • How do I communicate this to my employees?

    If you have EAP as part of your benefits package you can anticipate that we will be sending communications directly to your employees notifying them of this change to provider. Please note, if you are a standalone customer this will not be communicated on your behalf. We recommend that this change is also communicated internally. You can download this helpful employee communication template to aid conversation.

  • What will happen if my employees have open conversations/ counselling with BHSF?

    If any of your employees are currently undergoing counselling or have open cases with BHSF please be aware that these will be closed out with BHSF. Please be reassured that your employees will not be turned away and they will have the ability to finish the course.

  • Will the price of my EAP provision change?

    There will be no change in pricing for your current EAP service. You can find details of your pricing in your Customer Agreement.

  • When will my EAP provider be switched from BHSF to Health Assured?

    On 01 December 2021 your EAP will no longer be provided by BHSF and will be provided by Health Assured.