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Kuro Health

Kuro Health

Moorepay’s Employment Law Solicitor helped make a stressful experience more bearable and I can’t recommend this service enough.

About Kuro Health

Kuro Health is a fast-growing portfolio of businesses employing over 300 people across seven UK locations.

Kuro Health focuses on the knowledge of the insurance, legal and healthcare sectors, supported by best practice in terms of clinical governance and technology platforms. The original values and ethos remain: excellence in service, innovation and medicine, but now delivering strong core services and innovative products to a diversified customer base.

What we did for them

Kuro Health uses Moorepay’s Managed Payroll Premium Bundle and HR/Employment Law Package.

With our Managed Payroll, Kuro’s team can step away from the complex and time-consuming admin of paying their 300 employees every month. Instead, they can focus on driving innovation in the medical industry whilst Moorepay takes care of their payroll and expense claims.

With our HR support, Kuro Health has access to Moorepay’s expert HR and health and safety advisors and employment law solicitors to provide any advice and documentation it needs when dealing with its HR responsibilities.

Kuro Health has found this particularly helpful when managing its HR, and says it “cannot recommend this service enough”.

This is coupled with Moorepay’s People Analytics, meaning it can dive into its data to drive improvements and efficiencies across the employee lifecycle. This is particularly useful for growing businesses like Kuro Health.

The support from Moorepay’s advocate and Employment Law Solicitor, Zain Malik, has been amazing.

We were given all the information we needed to help us make informed decisions. He has been readily available and willing to speak to us and explain things in detail. He helped make a stressful experience more bearable and I can’t recommend this service enough.

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