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Italian State Tourist Board

Italian State Tourist Board

Excellent service.

About the Italian State Tourist Board

Agenzia nazionale del turismo, known in English as the Italian State Tourist Board was founded in 1919. They are responsible for promoting tourism in Italy.

What we did for them

In March of 2021 the Italian State Tourist Board became a Moorepay customer. As a smaller business it wasn’t feasible to hire internally a payroll manager to deal with the payroll function. Therefore, they opted for a Managed Payroll.

As part of this service we deal with payroll processing and employee payment, as well as things like payslips and distribution, auto-enrolment and year end processing. This means the customer can stay compliant with payroll legislation without having to worry about keeping up with it and applying it to their payroll calculations.

During the fact find stage of the customer journey it became clear that the customer could benefit from solid and expert advice on HR, enabling them to better advise on situations impacting their employees.

Opting for our HR and Employment Law package meant the customer had unlimited access to a 24/7/365 Advice Line service, manned by trained and qualified professionals. As an extension of this service they also have access to our HR Hub containing templates and their relevant HR documentation.

Excellent service: prompt and clear.

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