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Great work and much appreciated.

About Dusit

Dusit was opened in 2002 by Pom and his team, a dining experience like no other in the area. The Dusit team has built an enviable reputation based on fantastic food, attentive service and relaxed ambience.

The cuisine is contemporary Thai, using the best fresh local produce, combined with herbs, spices and Asian vegetables imported from Thailand. This has led to Dusit being recognised as one of the top Thai restaurants in the country. Dusit consistently receives great reviews and has been awarded much coveted Ticks in Pete Irvine’s authoritative book, Scotland the Best.

What we did for them

Rather than opting for Payroll Software and managing the hassle of payroll in-house, Dusit opted for a fully outsourced option. They trust us to ensures employees are paid accurately and on time. Our Managed Payroll Service gives Dusit the peace of mind that their payroll is completely compliant and faff-free.

It’s not just the employer that enjoys a seamless service, employees can access their own data, including payslips 24/7 through our Employee Self-Service platform.

Dusit needed reliable and predictable payments to their employees. That’s why they opted for our Bacs Payment Services. As an accredited Bacs Bureau and with the additional offering of Bacs Payment Services to businesses of all shapes and sizes, we were the obvious trusted choice. Our system is flexible that means details can be input via fax, spreadsheet and through bespoke inputs, while payments are made securely.

Implementing the BACs payment process has been very smooth, and Karen was super helpful throughout. She kept an eye on progress and has been very proactive in ensuring that I had full information and assistance to help me get it completed. Great work and much appreciated.

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