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See how we’re keeping the UK paid

April 2020

This webinar recording will provide an overview on how Moorepay can help your business process an accurate payroll to manage cash flow and stay compliant.

We understand how complex payroll calculations are during this unprecedented time and calculating deductions for furloughed employees and SSP to keep up with new emergency legislation is a minefield.

We will demonstrate some of the benefits to using our software and help you process your payroll from home via the cloud.

We will end the webinar with a Q&A.

**If you’re already a PAYROLL customer of Moorepay, take a look at some of our recent webinars.**

What we'll cover:

  • Keeping up with emergency changes to Legislation

  • Job Retention Scheme Legislation

  • Software Updates we've made to support our Customers

  • Our Simple 48 Hour On-boarding Process

  • Detailed Q&A session

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