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Next Generation Software | Managing absence

April 2022

Easy to use. Easy to access. Easy to trust.

Whatever your industry, or your size, absence will impact you. Do you know how much it’s costing you as a business? Can you predict spikes in it? Can you be certain you’re adhering to relevant legislation? If the answer is no, this demo is for you.

Our Next Generation Payroll & HR Software does the hard work for you. Applying leave rules and legislation, making it easy to report on. Our live demo recording with Kevin Corcoran, Moorepay Consultant, will walk you through our software step-by-step.

What we cover:

  • Managers vs employees logging absence

  • Statutory Sick Pay

  • Occupational Sick Pay

  • Bespoke leave plans

  • Absence analytics

  • Moorepay Mobile App

  • Live Q&A with the audience

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