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Demo | Automate holiday accruals

April 2023

With so many new ways of working, leaving holiday calculations up to chance is risky business! From managing shift patterns and calculating average hourly rates, to part time workers and leaver entitlements, it’s a lot to keep track of. Watch our live demo to see how we do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to managing holidays.

Holidays automatically calculated or you, legally compliant, and a dramatically decreased workload. That’s exactly what you get with our award-winning Payroll & HR Software! Winner winner chicken dinner!

Watch our live demo with Moorepay Consultant, Sophie Bennion, to see just how easy managing holiday accruals is with Moorepay.

What we cover:

  • Leave work patterns

  • Length of service plans

  • Logging leave

  • Holiday carryover

  • Entitlement for leavers

  • Live Q&A with our expert

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