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April 10, 2021

3 simple ways to streamline manual payrolls

streamline payroll processing

Ever get the feeling there must be a simpler way to get those painful payrolls processed? Now we can’t grant you three wishes, but we do have three simple steps set to alleviate the strain on even the most hectic payroll department!

Employee self-service

How much of your time is spent dealing with the ‘who, how, what, and why’ questions from employees? Pesky detail changes, chasing incomplete data and general tasks that not only drive you insane, but tarnish the relationship between payroll staff and their colleagues.

Employee Self-Service is the holy grail of reducing admin. Putting the onus on the employee to manage their own data reduces push-back to the payroll department and drives down the need for payroll intervention. We suggest opting for self-service that is accessible on both desktop and mobile. That way, your employees can access their data anytime and anywhere!

Automated compliance

Payroll accuracy is the main concern of every payroll, and you can’t have accuracy without compliance. If 2020/21 has taught us anything, it’s that legislation can change at the drop of a hat and payroll departments need to be ready to not only understand it, but also apply legislation to payroll.

Non-compliance leaves businesses open to risk. It can also be a costly game, and let’s face it – no one wants to be at the end of that bill! Opting for software that applies the latest legislation to calculations means that it’s one less thing for the payroll department to deal with. No one wants to be up at night wondering if they have calculated statutory sick pay correctly, if those on maternity leave are getting paid right, or if an employment tribunal is on its way…

Integrate what you can

Integration. It’s the buzz word of the moment and it’s not hard to see why. The benefits speak for themselves. Integration not only delivers a seamless experience for payroll & HR, but also for employees and managers to boot.

Payroll & HR departments relish in the fact that integration eliminates a huge proportion of duplicate manual data input, they sleep safe in the knowledge of ‘one-source-of-truth,’ and most importantly that they are paying people accurately.

In order to deliver a successful experience to employees’ integration really is the foundation. Integration can span across payroll & HR, but there is no limit to where it can end: benefits, time & attendance, Microsoft 365 integration and even integration into productivity tools. Integration is the champion of work smarter, not harder.

Ever get the feeling you could be working smarter? Clever software can do the grunt of payroll work for you. Want to find out more? Download our guide to great payroll software.

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