A Message from Anthony Vollmer (Managing Director) | Moorepay
March 25, 2020

A Message from Anthony Vollmer (Managing Director)


I know that COVID-19 will be posing many challenges for you and your business and I would like to reassure you that supporting our customers through this turbulent time is our highest priority.

Below you’ll find a quick summary of the steps that we are taking to ensure your people are paid on-time and in line with all legislative changes including the recent emergency changes, delivering on our commitment to #keepingtheUKpaid.

  • All our colleagues are currently homeworking securely via our cloud-based payroll & HR solutions
  • We use resilient communication systems that are VOIP / cloud enabled meaning we will always be there to support you​
  • Our dedicated business continuity team meet daily to ensure the services you receive will not be impacted
  • Our HR, employment law and health & safety experts are on-hand 24/7 to help you navigate through these unprecedented times where legislation is changing rapidly
  • Our experts can also provide you with advice on the payroll & HR implications of the emergency government support such as the job retention scheme for furloughed workers
  • We are updating our payroll & HR software to deliver the new emergency legislation for COVID-19 Statutory Sick Pay. This will enable you to identify COVID-19 related absences and automatically apply the new sick pay rules
  • Our 60 agile developers are focused on deploying new emergency payroll legislative changes as quickly as we can to ensure you benefit from the government support available and remain compliant
  • Meanwhile, our 200 payroll professionals are continuing to process payrolls on time

If you would like to find out how our services and solutions may be able to help you even more, please don’t hesitate to contact your Commercial Account Manager or Payroll/HR contact.

You may also find it helpful to visit our dedicated COVID-19 pages in our Knowledge Centre which are regularly updated with webinar recordings, frequently asked questions and quick reference guides.

We understand these are anxious, difficult and unprecedented times – particularly for small businesses. Rest assured that we will continue to respond quickly to the crisis, and we are committed to supporting you as best as we can.

I wish you, your families, friends and colleagues all the best at this time.

Anthony Vollmer
Managing Director

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About the author

Anthony Vollmer

Anthony is Managing Director of Moorepay. Previously, Anthony led two of the most successful challenger brands in UK telecoms. As CEO, he led the rapid growth of Tesco Mobile to become the UK’s largest and most successful virtual mobile network, delivering material profit growth to JV partners Tesco and Telefonica and industry leading levels of customer satisfaction.

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